Local Meat Markets Are Thriving

In a surprising resurgence the local butcher and local meat market‘s in our community are thriving again. One of the biggest drivers of this growth is that consumers are focused on the buy local movement. They want to know that their food is being raised locally, and in good conditions, and not being shipped from across the country. They don’t want to eat meat from other countries when they can buy it at the local meat market.

I too have gotten onboard with the buy local movement and so when I decided to start buying at my local butcher shop I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I not only got higher quality meat, but in most cases I paid less than I would if I would have been shopping at the big box stores and large grocery stores. Buying local does have it’s benefits!

buy local

When I am walking through the front door of the butcher shop I am met with a friendly smile and a huge selection of pork, beef, chicken, and other exotic meats and smoked selections. I always enjoy the experience, and the part that makes it most exciting for me is that I know that I am supporting my local community, and also buying healthy locally grown meats.

If you haven’t considered trying out your local meat market yet, then I would encourage you to look up Sherman Provision¬†and stop into see Michael and his team. I know you’ll be provided with the best possible service, fantastic meats, and an experience your definitely going to want to have again. Buying local is one of those trendy movements that actually is a good idea! If you’re looking for more help or ideas about how to buy locally at a meat market near you, then just contact us and we’ll be sure to help you out!

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